Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hill no 50 – 61 Winters Gibbet

Cheerfully named after the gibbet that was used to hang William Winter, this was my first climb back in England after all the Scottish climbs. I was hoping the “monster” climbs were over (ie that the really long climbs were done) and indeed this was a much shorter climb (and a mere 5/10 and not ending at a ski resort!).

Another absolutely beautiful ride though – just a quick cruise out and ramping up ahead was a nice straight slope which focussed the mind straight away.
Lots of shots of the sky on the video I’m afraid – the only thing I can think was the heat of riding was making me tip my helmet back to get some air on my hot head!

Again, having got ride of the steep stuff earlier on and the fact that the wind wasn’t TOO horrific, it was really a relatively gentle cruise up to the top, riding some lovely deserted roads and thoroughly enjoying the ride.
I do remember thinking to myself – living round here and riding these hills on days like this must be pretty nice…
I actually saw an adder! My first live snake in the UK! Luckily it was a quiet road as this little fella was just stretched out enjoying the sunshine. I find snakes a bit scary and creepy, bit of a wuss when it comes to them - but a real live adder - amazing!

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