Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hill No: 1 - 27 Swain's Lane, London

On a beautiful day in London, I kicked off my cycling challenge. My "kick off" hill was Swain's Lane in Highgate, London. A "gentle 4/10" ride, Simon Warren describes it as: "one of the city's best secrets - for cyclists that is".

The idea was to ride up the hill with Bill and then go with Tom and Emily for a nice walk with the dogs on Hampstead Heath. As per usual, I worried about being late and rushed off. Hopped on the bike, cycled through Hammersmith, Kensington High St, Hyde Park, past Madame Tussaud's up through Regent's Park and through Camden, ending up by the East side of Hampstead Heath. Once I go there (a little early), I had a quick run up Swain's Lane to see what it was like. If you click on this link: it will take you to my Garmin data which shows all sorts of "interesting" things like my route and my speed.

Emily had got caught in traffic so when Tom & Bill arrived, we sat down and had a coffee (with Bill eating a full veggy breakfast), Tom's friend Daniel walked by (as did Noel Fielding). Bill looked decidedly better after breakfast (counteracting a heavy night) and we decided to go for the hill. Again - Garmin data here: and Youtube video here: [To be completed when I work out how to do it!]

I then decided to give it one more go, just to make sure - Garmin here: and video here:

Simon's predicted time for the hill is 3.5min - which is exactly (almost) what I did on my last run (although I did a little extra) - so it looks like I'm going to have to try and meet these targets too!

Well - that is the first one done (and done to death - sorry about that, I promise not to make the rest of them as bad/long winded as this one!) - only 99 more to go!

Lovely walk with the dogs who were much more impressed with the walk than the cycling. Thanks Bill for coming along - and showing off your orange pants!

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  1. what time do we meet on 31st to join you to do this one again? claire x