Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hill no 5 - 95 Black Mountain, Carmarthernshire

Woken at 6am by Peggy and Hobbs "skirmishing", I didn't have the best preparation for hills today. Mind you, wine with Bill wasn't the best prep either. I tried to eat most of the contents of our fridge in an attempt to delay the inevitable "off". Just one hill today - and Black Mountain was pretty close to where we are and Bill agreed to accompany me.

It was another cracking day and the ride was gorgeous. On the way there we did this route: and Bill treated me to the sight of this ride's pants:

Green pants this ride!

The hill up to Black Mountain was another beauty - it had been relaid recently with lovely smooth black tarmac - when we rode the JOGLE last year, when we hit patches of road like this we would all cheer and love the smooth road - so much better than that tar bottom chip top stuff that is so often used. Again, lovely sweeping bends, a climb up the side of a beautiful hill and all the way to the top. Nothing that went too steep - between 5 and 10% all the way up and I did it all in the "big ring", but a lovely 6/10 ride.

Considering it was Easter Sunday, there was very little traffic on the road - a few motorcyclists having a lovely play, but not a lot else. Close to the top we went past an ice cream van (and we promised ourselves we would go back for one!), the road got a bit worse and Emily and Tom shouted at us that we were going the wrong way (which we weren't!)

Garmin from hill here:

Cool little Welsh ponies on the way up too!

Lovely road home (although Bill started having problems with his gears) and it was decidedly lumpy. Basically if you are a rider that likes hills - you should come here right away - it is paradise. I got a bit of a scary "speed wobble" on - where the front wheel starts to wobble and if you brake it just makes it worse - on one of the downhills which was "interesting".

Garmin from ride home:

Youtube video here:
And photos here:

Tomorrow a big day - Emily wants me to do LOADS of hills!!!!

ps - double cone with flake. £2. I bought Bill one too.

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