Friday, 26 August 2011

Hill no 47 – 66 The Lecht

Wow - wind, wind, wind!!!

A 10/10 climb up to a ski centre with the wind blowing very very hard - incredible stuff.

Rather childishly, I will note that the climb starts from "Cock Bridge" and heads up, up, up straight away.

The wind was whipping across me and I think that I would prefer that it headed into my face as I was leaning off the bike to the left to keep upright! You can see on the video that there is a saltire bowing out horizontally as I set off and that gives you an indication of the power of the wind!

The climb itself ramped up straight away, but to be honest, it was hard to tell exactly how hard it was with the wind. I think I got myself a little hysterical about how hard the wind was blowing, but I think that bad weather is pretty much standard up there - for example there were big electricity pylons that had just been blown over

There were also snow markers up the side of the road and I can imagine in winter - well, I was glad that the wind was the only problem.

The odd thing about the scenery too was the fact that things seemed "flat" - I think the size of the landscape meant that there wasn't really the perspective that you get on some hills. I can assure you that it was anything but flat!

It did flatten out a bit at the top which was a welcome relief and it is good to get to ski centres, even if they are closed and nothing is there - a sense of achievement all the same!

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