Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hill no 48 – 64 Cairn O’Mount

A nice little potter through the Scottish countryside got us to the “Clatterin’ Brigg tearooms”  - actually in a place called Clatterin’ Brigg, which is one of my favourite place names that we’ve come across so far on this trip!
The wind was still up, but I can imagine that the weather can get a LOT worse than I was enjoying on my ride – the snow poles by the side of the road were a clear indication of that.
The climb started pretty steep and kept on pretty steep – it was nothing TOO backbreaking, but as is common with the Scottish climbs, they just seem to keep going.

The landscape was pretty barren – not much tree cover and a ruined shell of a house on the side of a hill.
It felt like I was heading into the wind all the time and it was a bit of a grind – one of those where you just keep turning your legs over, but it doesn’t feel as though you’re making massive progress at any stage. Even if you pushed hard, to try and make the climb go quicker, it didn’t feel that you were eating up the hill at all.
Then again, right at the end, the hill leaps up at you and it made you want to go back to the grind! I got very hot and my heart rate went right up – I had to sit in my saddle and take things a little bit easier just to be on the safe side…
A couple of car parks to pass at the end – and (not surprisingly given all the climbing) fantastic views….
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