Monday, 2 May 2011

Hill no 12 - 5 Dunkery Beacon, Somerset

Dunkery Beacon is a first for me. It is a genuine 10/10 ride in the book - so technically, if I can get up this, I should be able to get up anything. Well, apart from the 11/10 hill, but I'll come to that when I have to!

So before I started, Hobbs gave me a few tips on climbing technique:
Apparently, it would be much easier if I had 4 legs, rather than just 2. I should point out that it was another scorching day - so not much change from Wales although I had headed back into England.

Dunkery Beacon ramps up straight away - it starts at the signpost and you kind of ride through a forest a bit which is lovely. And hurrah - a cattle grid. Phew. These signs were on the way down, but imagine them the other way round:

You then come out of the trees and it is lovely gorse type moorland and hot hot sun and even in my suffering I could appreciate the beauty.

So, in conclusion, Dunkery Beacon is tough. It is beautiful and it is well worth a place in a list of 100 greatest cycling climbs. Well done you.
Garmin data here: Simon says 20 minutes, I did 18 odd minutes (hurrah!)
youtube footage here:
Flickr here:

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