Monday, 2 May 2011

Hill no 13 - 4 Porlock, Somerset

There are times where a car is superior to a bicycle. For example, driving down a motorway with a dog in the boot and your luggage on the back seat. Or when it is bucketing it down with rain on a major a-road. However, if you are commuting in that there London through solid traffic, or skipping down beautiful country lanes that are only one car wide in the sunshine, a bike is just amazing - and quicker than a car. I therefore spent some time waiting for Em in Porlock.
A very pretty place - but getting out of it is a bit different - Porlock in comparison to Dunkery Beacon is a mere 9/10, but actually the initial slopes are probably steeper. It is quite funny, you leave this picture postcard village, the slope ramps up fearsomely and there is this smell... Whether it is brakes, burnt out clutches or the smell of fear(!), it is pugent and doesn't help when you're gasping like a goldfish out of water trying to get oxygen into overworked lungs!

Not - caravans are "encouraged" to take the toll road. If you drove a caravan up this hill you would be full on barking. So, the hill is steep, is particularly nasty on the bends, it is steep and to be honest, it would be a lot easier in a car. But that is not an option here - and giving my self the lowest gear (highest? I can never remember!) I ground my way up it.

Hard work again - garmin data here: which makes it look as though I transported myself instantly from the top of Dunkery Beacon to the bottom of Porlock (I didn't by the way). Again - Simon says 22 minutes and I did it in about 20, so happy with that.

Youtube here: Crazy 2x speed I'm afraid.
Flickr here:

And the views from the top of Porlock - WOW!

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