Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hill no 35 – 76 Jubilee Tower, Lancashire

I had a quick race down this hill before coming back up it.
Sometimes I think that this is good idea as it gives you an idea of how long it is, how to pace yourself, where the road goes and where the steep bits will be before you do the ride. It does give you a completely false impression of the hill though - for example here are my Garmin stats for going down the hill: - now I KNOW that I'm not going anywhere near 40mph on the way up it!
Other times, I think it is a bad idea as you know exactly what is coming up and you start planning for the road ahead, rather than just cycling the slope in front of you and letting planning take care of itself. And watching out for the sheep!
Fortunately Jubilee Tower was one of the former and it was actually a very pleasant little climb. Again, starting down by a river, there was some initial hard graft through some lower slopes, but then, just as you were starting to fade, you could see Jubilee Tower lurking over the final hill ahead of you and it gave you a real target to aim for.

One of the things that I love about cycling is that you kind of suspend reality a little bit in your head and you can imagine other scenarios and play them out in your head - as well as enjoying the climb here, I also imagined that I was racing up against other riders to keep me going!
In my head, I powered up the final stretch and won my “stage” of the tour de make believe. I am acutely aware of the fact that I probably wheezed and limped my way over the line. Lucky me though – I get a big doggy kiss and a night in a “campervan”!

I am now getting used with these climbs to start in the shelter, where things are green and end up on a rather less friendly environment on a windswept moor. It is a good feeling to think that by the power of your legs alone, you can drag yourself up from one environment to another.

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