Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hill no 92 - 87 Moel Arthur

Having "done" all the rides a distance away from our cycling base in Ruthin (and I should put a strong word in for where we stayed - with Tony and Helen at Hengoed Farm - http://www.hengoedfarmholidays.co.uk/ this really was probably the best holiday cottage that we have EVER stayed in - truly exceptional, beautiful, spacious and really well done), today was the day that we would "finish" Wales, pick up the final 2 climbs which were more "local" and hopefully spend some time chilling out!

The day was a bit greyer than it had been previously - we have been blessed with amazing weather again in Wales and to be honest, any day that I am climbing hills that isn't raining or blowing a gale, I'm happy with!
Em and I had a "discussion" about which hill we were going to do first - the hill closer or further away (by about 10min). The far away hill won as the hope was that Mila would stay asleep for longer and that I might get up the hill before she woke up. This also meant that I did the "easier" hill first - either as a warm up or as a legbreaker!

The hill itself was beautiful - really lovely country riding - up steep slopes with rough road surfaces, high hedges and stunning views - when you got a chance to look over your shoulder at them - that is one of the hard bits about these climbs, generally, the only view you get is when you get off the bike and look back at what you've just done!

Again - a "classic" finish over a cattle grid and some lovely walking for the dog when we got to the top - he's started hating getting back in the car when its time to move onto the next climb - think he thinks we're mad!

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