Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hill no 83 - 10 Widecombe

Widecombe is a lovely village – if slightly confusing as there don’t appear to be any real houses here! There is a Church, there are teashops coming out of your ears, there is a National Trust property, there was a gift shop – and that was about it!

The daughter needed some entertainment, so we strolled around the village for a little bit – I had a sausage roll and a cup of coffee outside by the shop in the car park and hoped that would provide enough sustenance to complete the remaining two climbs that I had to do today. I also used the public facilities – very handy!

The climb itself was pretty easy to find - there aren’t that many roads leading out of Widecombe on the Moor and only one that goes clearly straight up. You get a fantastic view of the road from the village – and as Simon says, you can see the summit as a target virtually the whole way up.

Again – like Dartmeet, this is a short, sharp climb – you get out of the saddle to try and push yourself up faster and then you get back in the saddle and try and rest before doing it again! It is rather depressing to think of Chris Boardman setting a record up here going twice as fast as you can do it – I genuinely think I would have struggled to match his time on my vespa!

Easy to find the end – the car park wasn’t signed, but it was pretty obvious which one it was – nice to hit the top of it for my third one down.

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