Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hill no 99 - 29 Terrace Hill

A surprising short hop away from Lincoln was Terrace Hill - very near Belvoir Castle.

It was an incredibly beautiful sunny day - it was just a shame that it was the last day of our holidays and that we were spending most of it in the car heading back to London!

Terrace Hill rates a measly 1/10 in Simon's book and he has obviously been asked WHY it is in there at all - it isn't terribly steep (although it does hit at least 13%), or terribly long. Well, I am informed that it is the first "proper" hill that Simon ever did AND he won his first race up it.

I have previously ridden Terrace Hill, although unlike Simon, I came third racing up it, not first. I therefore knew the hill and the surrounds. I had ridden it on a 100mile ride back last year, but had stupidly forgot to reset my Garmin for it/take any photos/wear a video camera, so I had to do it again.

And I was glad to do it again. Aside from the beautiful Leicestershire countryside all around - Terrace Hill is at the end of an arrow straight road. You then ride up through woodland curving to the right and then back round to the left.

I was determined to do the entire climb using the hardest gear possible (in a masochistic way), so did it a lot slower than I hoped, but I did really enjoy it - it is a pretty climb and I enjoyed it a lot.

Even more so when I was at the top and realised that I was 99 climbs down - and only one more to go!!!

Oh and Simon - if you are reading this, you should be happy to know that I saw more cyclists today around Terrace Hill than I have done anywhere else in the Country doing any of these climbs. So Terrace Hill may not be the hardest climbs, but it is certainly enjoyed a LOT.


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