Monday, 6 June 2011

Hill no 18 - 42 Jackson Bridge, Holmfirth

Jackson Bridge was a proper country ride - any climb that ends with the words "grind it out to the farm at the top" means that you are unlikely to be passed by lots of motor cars!

I'm not sure about riding in isolation totally though - whilst it is nice not to have to worry about wobbling into the path of cars, or hold them up unecessarily, sometimes in your head it is good to have the stimulus of thinking that people are in the car behind me "in awe" of my hill climbing ability (or more likely, wondering why the idiot on the bike is wheezing up a hill so slowly!) Also it can be a big motivator hearing an engine behind you straining as someone keeps it in first gear ready to leap past you!

Jackson Bridge was a 7/10. I think I've worked out in Simon's grading terms that means it is hard work - crossing that threshold from 6/10 seems to mean that it is not a climb to be taken lightly - and I think that is fair in respect of Jackson Bridge.

Jackson Bridge starts off from a pretty quiet little village location
It then goes rural and pretty very quickl

The hardest little section then comes as you leave the village and you go round some corners that left me panting and out of breath - not a vicious climb, but a real little leg tester. Worth it for the views from the top though!

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