Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hill no 32 – 48 Langcliffe Scar, Yorkshire Dales

Langcliffe Scar is just over the dale and kind of on the other side of Malham Cove. As a result, I cycled straight over and got a good look at it on the way down.
Again, another really pretty little village – there was a wedding going on I think in the village hall and people were turning up in their finery.
This very much was the mirror glass climb to Malham Cove – similar scenery (unsurprisingly), similar hikes in gradient and a similar challenge in many ways.
One of the things I found most amusing about this climb was the sign warning “Beware of Lambs!” There were lambs on the road (which I am sure what the sign alludes to), but my lactic acid addled brain got on to thinking about what I would do if a deadly lamb leapt out and attacked me.
I was cheered/bleated up by sheep all the way. And some took the mickey by raising me up slopes. And beating me. Grrr. Pesky sheep. Think they own the road too
Nice round here though - green, lovely rocks, lots of people out walking - very pleasant!

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