Monday, 6 June 2011

Hill no 20 - 37 Peaslows, Chapel-en-le-Frith

Peaslows was again a bit of a wet climb - at least I was getting my money's worth out of my rain jacket. With no-where to really pull over, we parked the car at the side of a little lane incurring the wrath of a couple of cars who passed us as I pulled my kit together.

The rain was running down the road as I climbed out of a green, lush little valley, up through a steep, but not brutal hill to finish, slightly soggy at the top. I think (and was thinking as I climbed it, slightly soggy and a bit cold) that it was very quintessentially British. I have had some amazing weather for this challenge so far, but this was "more like it"!

Not complaining though, more appreciative of the good conditions that I've had so far!

Didn't see much of the reservoir that I was meant to finish on, but I did feel the wind. Which was ominous as I felt the climb was pretty steep and I think the wind was blowing me up it.

Perhaps that's why I didn't mind it that much - normally I prefer a bit of steep, steep, shallow, steep, but here I was probably being blown up like a piece of paper.

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