Monday, 6 June 2011

Hill no 21 - 33 Winnats Pass, Castleton

Winnats Pass was awesome.

One of the most beautiful climbs I have done yet, you start on a little country lane, faced by these big green hills. You head along a road and turn left, and suddenly you see these massive green rocky mounds looming up ahead of you with this little path that you're supposed to climb up.

Oh I forgot - you start from the Devil's Arse as well (I'm pretty sure that's it and I'm not hallucinating!)

The road was a little busier - this is obviously a big tourist destination and I'm not surprised, so that was a "hazard".

There was another hazard as well - hurrah a cattle grid.

And the wind was blowing me full in the face - it was really hard work. A combination of all the things you don't want - wind in your face, tired legs from a long day of rides and a wet slippery surface.

And a further hazard - Em pulled up in front of me to take pictures and "failed" to move in time which meant I had to pull out (very slowly) and go round her (very slowly). My grumpy yell "that doesn't help you know" was born far more out of fear that I wouldn't get up the hill (and perhaps have to start over!) than of true crossness that she was in my way!

I should point out that despite my moaning, even in the depths of my burning legs, I could still pop my head up and see the amazing beauty all around me. Seriously incredible it was. Shame that my video camera gave up the ghost - I think it was feeling my tiredness. Really cross about this as it doesn't give you the lovely slopes OR the vicious head wind.

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  1. at the sort of speed human beings ride up Winnats Pass, there is plenty of time to watch the scenery, in my own experience...!