Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hill no 33 – 79 Cross of Greet, Lancashire

The Cross of Greet was a bit of a change from the previous climbs - it was a bit blowy (you can hear it whipping around on the camera) nad it was straight up and away, up through the moors(?) if that's what they are. Not as "rocky" or spectacular as the past two climbs, but the wind added a whole new experience to it.

The dog was a little confused as to where I was going and why

It wasn't the toughest climb - there were bits that went up and down and you had a rest every now and then, but the hills where you can see the road stretching out in front of you are often quite challenging mentally if not as physically concerning!

The wind was probably the biggest challenge - but the road was a little single track road - luckily nothing coming the other way.

There was a nice little valley on the LHS with a small stream running through it which was a nice thing to distract, but whilst the climb was longer than previous ones, it wasn't too hard. The wind made it a bit interminable though!

A good few cattle grids, some sheep on the road as well, tried to make the most of the downs, but was a bit conscious that when I was out of the saddle that I was just making myself a much bigger target for the wind to blow backwards!

Felt very rough and ready this climb - can imagine it being properly wild in bad weather!

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