Monday, 6 June 2011

Hill no 19 - 43 Holme Moss, Holmfirth

Holme Moss was an interesting climb - everything else had been done in beautiful sunshine - I have been very lucky with the weather. Holme Moss was a bit different - it started drizzling (and by the time I got to the top it was full on raining). It was also on an A road - a "major route through the Pennines" and as I got ready at the beginning a couple of large trucks haired past which was slightly different from the other hills I had done to date!

Holme Moss is one of those hills that I don't really think I am built for - it isn't especially HARD, but it is a consistent 10% plus. I find it really hard to get into a consistent rhythym on these hills. I kind of much prefer them undulating with steep stuff where I can get in and out of and break up the grind a little bit.

Also - the climbs that you can see exactly where you're going appear to be tougher than you might otherwise think - whilst you can see the end approaching, it never seems to approach quite quickly enough. Those climbs where you have trees around you to start and you pull your way up through the tree line and look down and suddenly realise how far up you have got are much more motivating!

Having had a moan about traffic - actually it wasn't that bad at all and getting a bit wet is par for the course - Simon gives this hill a 5/10 and I think that is about right - slog and grind your way up to the top.

Not a hill that makes you think "oh god, I'm never going to get up this", in fact, probably not a hill that makes you think "uh-oh, could be in trouble here", but more a "come on, come on, is there still MORE to come??!!" type of hill.

Probably good for me I guess! The other "nice thing about this climb was that people have very considerately marked on the road how far it is to the top on the road which I'm not sure is helpful, but certainly lets you know where you are!

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