Monday, 6 June 2011

Hill no 23 - 70 Cat and Fiddle, Macclesfield

The Cat and Fiddle is a long climb - a good 30 minutes or so. But fortunately, it isn't really climbing ALL the way.

It also isn't the "nicest" of climbs as there is a fair amount of traffic on there - but fair play, everyone gave me plenty of room - good courteous driving. There are also "average speed cameras", big warning signs, markings on the roads etc everywhere. I can only assume from this that Motorbikers try and ride this stretch of road too quick and get into trouble accordingly.

Basically, you start in Macclesfield and have a good long gentle climb to get out of the town - mostly all housing/residential and not too busy. You then start your climb up "proper" after about 2 minutes, head through a little wooded area and then you're into the countryside.

The climb is never "tough, tough", it is more just a matter of getting your legs in a rhythm, turning them over and settling down for a 1/2 hour climb. There are moments of respite on the climb and indeed there are even a coule of very welcome dips.

The weather was closing in though at the top - and it started to get VERY misty!

and by the time I reached the top, top, I was wishing that I had attached lights to my bike!

The Cat and Fiddle Inn was doing a roaring trade in motorcyclists, cyclists and car drivers - presumably all glad to get in out of the weather. I had more hills to climb however....

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