Monday, 6 June 2011

Hill no 25 - 31 Bank Rd, Matlock

Whilst trying to find our way to Youlgreave, we had accidentally driven up Bank Rd - I had remarked to Emily at the time "wow, this is steep - this should be in the book" - and it is. Gaining an 8/10 and described as one of the steepest residential roads in Britain, it is a short, but steep drag from the town centre straight up and out.

I did my prep just off Bank Rd (getting kit together, checking where hill starts and finishes, checking video camera etc) and this was just by a public swimming pool. There is something about that chloriney smell - it is incredibly nostalgic - takes me right back to when I was little and swimming at Bicester/Handy Cross with the Andrews boys. Nice.

All of which diversion managed to make me forget about the dead straight long steep road ahead of me. It felt a bit strange to be riding up a steep hill actually all in a town - and it must be interesting to live on such a steep hill - you literally wouldn't want to drop something and have it roll away from you - the road is that steep.

The road carries on at the top of this steep incline and is just as steep round the corner - no rest at all - just a little extra teaser!

Looks and is steep from both directions

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