Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hill no 53 – 63 Chapel Fell

The last of the North East climbs - and the hardest was saved to the last. A nasty 9/10 climb and of course it was the last one, rather than the first one!

Not getting too cocky about it, but anything up to a 7/10, I know it will be "ok" - ie hard work, but ok, but a 9/10 hill I know that I'm going to have to get in a pretty low gear. And stay there.

This was the highest paved road in England apparently - and it was a beautiful ride in the gorgeous evening sunshine as I just cruised (well struggled) along.

Simon talks about two landmarks - a cattle grid and a bridge that immediately preceeded some stiff climbing - I was dreading that somewhat - but you could look around and see the road around you and the scenery was pretty amazing.

It was quite funny to see the road signs warning of terrible road conditions at all times - especially as I had lucked out and had a lovely day to climb it on. Although I did feel as though the climbing was tough enough without having to struggle through terrible road and weather conditions.

Again, a long, steep climb and I could feel the day's exhaustion in me - every slight rise in the terrain was causing me panic as I tried to calculate how much energy I needed and how much I had left. It was a relief to hit the cattle grid at the top of the hill, to pull over and to survey all that lay below me.

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