Monday, 28 November 2011

Hill no 60 – 46 Oxnop Scar

The very first thing you have to do on this climb is, well, climb!

With a wet road and a 25% gradient, you had the choice of back wheel slip or front wheel wheelie depending on where you balanced your weight on the bike. A little bit of mud on the road, and a dodgy road surface and I was in trouble straight away!!

Couldn't really appreciate the beauty - was a little more focused on the greater than 20% gradients and the fact that it felt like I was standing still I was moving so slowly! At about 3 min I looked round and couldn't believe how high I was so quickly - just showed how challenging the climb was straight away!
Thankfully the initial steep slopes levelled out (a bit!) and I was able to enjoy the climb a little bit more.

Unfortunately you'll have to take my word for it as my camera run out of juice and I was left to haul myself up the rest of the climb (which was a bit more up and down than the unrelenting start)

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  1. GPS data is for Buttertubs Pass not Oxnop Scar.

  2. Thanks Simon - I should have updated those now.