Monday, 28 November 2011

Hill no 57 – 73 Garsdale Head

Again, Garsdale Head starts in a very very pretty location.

Of course, it started with a brutal climb - up past some old type buses and past Garsdale Head Station. My train "enthusiast" father-in-law would definitely have approved! The climb itself was brutal from the off - straight into the climbing and the raggy breathing as you hauled yourself up the 20% slopes.

I love these warning signs - it makes you feel a lot less wimpy about struggling up the climbs themselves and it makes me a lot more thankful that I have sorted doing these out at a decent time of year, rather than waiting and doing them in terrible weather (I'd probably need a skidoo or something).
I think this part of the world is incredibly beautiful. I mean, it is a bit desolate and remote and wild and more often than not windy, but look at it, just look at it!

Stone walls, incredible views, beautiful countryside. Smashing.

Wasn't 100% sure where the climb ended so went on a bit - weather at the top was a little peaky too, but enjoyed that one.

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