Monday, 28 November 2011

Hill no 59 – 49 Buttertubs Pass

Ah - a wet one! I was promised a "brilliant climb" and whilst I don't really mind riding in the rain, I am well aware that it tends to make getting up hills a little more tricky than when it is perfectly dry (and the wind is blowing behind you!)

Mind you, it was a good chance to put all the gear on, thick gloves, waterproof jacket and feet warmers. The only problem with all of that is that you can "boil in the bag" a little bit - so you end up soaked with sweat if not with rain!

Crazy ride up - even with the sound of me panting heavily, you can hear the incredible songbirds chirruping away merrily - climbs mean nothing to them!

Always pretty tough this climb - never really letting up totally and letting you rest with a really steep section where it felt like I was coming to a complete stop  - thankfully leading to a brief downhill section where I gave away some of the height I had work so hard to gain! Even on the downhill though, you could see the road snake up and away over the hill.

Phew - hard work in the rain! Hot, tiring and wet, but very satisfying!
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  1. The GPS data is for Oxnop Scar (N.O 46) not Buttertubs Pass.