Monday, 28 November 2011

Hill no 58 – 50 Fleet Moss

Again - Fleet Moss started in a pretty little village (with some excellent tractors) in decent weather conditions. People walking their dogs and a nice little rise to get out of the village - all very pleasant.

You climb up and out of the village pretty quick and looking back it is all picture perfect.

Of course, it gets steep and harder pretty quickly though - just to remind you that this isn't fun! Although there is a nice section where it is a bit flatter and lets you regain your breath as you go through some old farm buildings.

The road was pretty bumpy, but to be honest, that paled into insignificance as the road ramped up and I stopped gawping at the scenery and started concentrating on turning pedals. I have started to resent downhill sections when going up on hills - I don't see them as opportunities to rest anymore, just giving away the height you have already gained! The climb ended with a nasty 20% section
And it was a relief to pull myself up around the final bend in the misty cloud. The video footage runs out - but I got there (promise!)

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