Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hill no 65 - 44 Halifax Lane

And Halifax Lane was to be the last of a long trip that Em and I are probably calling "EPIC", at least just in our heads. We have driven all across most of the top half of the country, with a very patient dog and thrown ourselves up some incredibly steep hills (and beautiful hills in places too!)

Halifax Lane was to be our last hill before driving back to London (we'd decided to make a rush back and have a night in a bed for a change!)
Of course, it wasn't to be an easy climb - a steep 8/10 in Simon's grading and we also had a little bit of trouble finding the exact location (and finish too!), but we got there, I wearily dragged the bike out of the boot, fitted the front wheel, remembered to tighten the brake (although I don't know why, I haven't touched the brakes going up hill!), put my helmet and glasses on and headed up.
You start in a little village and then pull yourself up and away out of it and head up the hill...

Again, it started steep, continued steep and was steep all the way! The notable feature here was some big corners with extra steep banks which were interesting as always. You can kind of see them coming and you just literally pause, gather up your energy and power your way up them to get round them.

There was a little bit of trying to find the right way and just trying to make sure that I got up there ok and I have to say it felt blinking good to finish - Em, Hobbs and I had done a lot of miles, and I'd done a lot of climbing and it was really, really good to finish up - ahead of schedule and it was even good to think that we'd be sleeping in our own beds that night - even if we needed to drive back to London to achieve it....

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