Friday, 13 January 2012

Hill no 79 - 23 Whiteleaf

I have been up Whiteleaf more times than I can remember – my Grandad lives just down the road in Princes Risborough and if I am feeling particularly leggy, I have a nice ride that involves Aston Hill, Chinnor Hill and Whiteleaf before heading back to my Mum’s.

I have also ridden the Chiltern 100 which goes up these hills – that is the only sportive I have done that made me feel as though I was still going up and down when I went to sleep that night! I’m sure it is nothing compared to the Fred Whitton which takes in the hardest Lakes climbs, but it was certainly hard enough for me!

I “knew” Whiteleaf then and it is a nice little climb – you come off a main road and start climbing immediately – it is fairly gradual at the start and you go through the outskirts of the village as you head up, but this is all a warm up for the main event. The road seems to narrow and then seems to shoot up – banked woodland on the side makes it seem even steeper than it is.

I was soon blowing hard and really ruing having had 2 roast dinners yesterday (although it WAS Christmas!) There was a cyclist up ahead of me, but I didn’t make any headway on him – my justification is that it is the winter and these are meant to be training rides where I keep my heart rate down!

One of the great bits about Whiteleaf is that once you have reached the top – if you turn right (where the hill ends), there is a lovely, smooth fast descent down into Princes Risborough - sometimes the descents are more awkward than the ascents for me, but this one is a real treat.

Again - fantastic views too...

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