Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hill no 73 - 16 White Lane

So, time for some more December climbing. In an effort to regain some of the lost ground (lost to general inactivity, work and lots of spending time with Mila), the idea was that I would cycle into Clapham, get the train out to Kent and do 4 hills that I needed to do before heading down to my Dad's and having Xmas dinner (a week early). This plan was scuppered by the fact that just as I was about to head it, it started bucketing down with sleet. Therefore very lazily, I got Em to drop me off in the car just off the M25 and set off from there. This of course, did put me a little bit behind in the grand scheme of timings....
I got to the bottom of what i thought was White Lane, only to realise (to my horror!) that actually White Lane started half way up a considerable hill! That means I was a little tired by the time I'd got to the start.

That's the view back down. It was off this more main road on a little side road, restricted width and quite pretty.
A pretty short climb - no wonder as you have already done most of it! It was made more interesting by the fact that there was snow on the ground still and that what hill there was, got to be pretty steep by the end.

As you can see, it really did ramp up a fair bit and make it a pretty tough challenge (although this was over fairly quickly).

Nice to have a bit of snow on the ground to show that I wasn't just cycling in beautiful sunshine!

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